Ignite Conference 2023 Roundup: Unraveling Business Wisdom, Leadership Insights, and Innovative Strategies

Ignite Conference 2023 Roundup: Unraveling Business Wisdom, Leadership Insights, and Innovative Strategies


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In the wake of the just concluded Ignite Conference, a three-day intellectual feast that took place from the 26th to the 28th of October 2023, our virtual stage became the arena for a remarkable confluence of ideas and insights. The wisdom shared by our esteemed panel of speakers was nothing short of amazing, redefining the very fabric of traditional business discourse.

Day 1: Business Wisdom & Leadership

Day one commenced with a remarkable focus on Leadership. A constellation of brilliant minds graced our virtual stage, illuminating the intricate facets of this important subject in the business arena.

Kita Mary Adesewa, a visionary Entrepreneur, delivered a thought-provoking discourse on "Leadership Roles in Brand Strategies and Marketing." Lynn Bojor, our esteemed Productivity Guide, discussed on the nuanced realms of "Ethical Leadership and Risk Management in Building."

Furthermore, Abdulwahab Ashimi, the astute Founder of Edukarma, handled the "Importance of Leadership," while Anita Darlington, Co-founder and CEO of Kristaspace, dissected the art of "Personal Branding for Leaders."

During the event, attendees were also treated to "A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur" featuring Cecilia Oluwajumilo, the dynamic Founder of ThemilliPorterMaker. Her insightful journey through the entrepreneurial landscape left an indelible mark on all who tuned in.

The engagement from our audience was both encouraging and captivating, with over 300 views on the first day alone. As Ashimi succinctly put it, "Be responsible for someone, be responsible for something, and make change happen."

The inaugural day of the Ignite Conference was undeniably a resounding success, and we extend our profound gratitude to our generous sponsors, EduKarma and RoadTrip Community.

These firm supporters played a pivotal role in ensuring that the conference thrived. The journey continues, with the promise of more wisdom and insights to navigate the intricacies of modern business.

Day 2: Innovative Insights & Business Strategies

On the following day, we plunged headlong into the exhilarating realm of Innovation. An abundance of transformative ideas, strategies, and technologies awaited our eager participants.

Innovation, after all, is the heartbeat of growth and sustainability in the modern business landscape.

Day two welcomed a distinguished panel of speakers who illuminated various aspects of innovation. Ameenah Sanusi, a Media and Marketing Community Manager, described "Innovative Sales and Marketing Strategies Driving Growth."

Festus Enang, the visionary Chief Product Officer at Groove Finance, championed "Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving." The Colorful Woman, Mutunrayo Dada took centre stage to explore the labyrinth of "Legalities in Business/Brand Building."

Paul Olubori, the Founder of GoLearn, offered insights into "Innovative Business Models for Growth," while Abel Agudam, the Founder of VersusPay Inc., delved deep into "The Role of Technology in Business Transformation."

Oluwatobi Bayo-David masterfully unravelled the tapestry of "Storytelling in the Future of Innovation."

This day was nothing short of a revelation, with attendees leaving comments that testified to the enriching experience. Ameenah Sanusi's advice to "Be obsessed about the people, not your product; make changes to suit your customers" resonated profoundly.

Day 3: Collaborative Prosperity

On Day 3, the Ignite Conference continued to blaze a trail of enlightenment. Raphael Afolayan, the Co-founder of MyTherapist.ng, eloquently emphasized the concept of Collaborative Prosperity. He underscored the vital role that collaboration plays in accelerating one's journey towards efficiency and success. "No man is an island," he reminded us.

The workshop by Amen Raychael, Founder of Rayan Org, delved deeper into the importance of Collaborative Prosperity and provided practical insights on its relevance. Principles that facilitate effective collaboration were artfully explained.

Davio White, a senior product designer and founder of Dreamax took the stage to discuss on how brands can harness Collaborative Prosperity to propel their growth. The discussion shed light on the myriad opportunities that emerge from partnering with organizations that share a similar brand ethos.

The conference ended with a powerful keynote address by Leader Bill, a renowned Communication Pundit and tutor at EduKarma Leadership School. She shed light on the shared relationship between Empathy and Leadership, emphasizing the need for both to coexist.

In the realm of leadership, empathy is the key that unlocks efficient growth, as the human brain often requires more than orders to operate effectively.

As we bid goodbye to the New Age Approach to Business Summit, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable hosts, Leader Bill, Victor Sonde, and Mika The Wealthy.

Their unwavering commitment was instrumental in ensuring the conference's success. Our sincere thanks also go out to our attentive audience, for without your participation, this event would not have been possible.

In closing, we express our deepest gratitude to all who made the Ignite Conference a monumental success. Our convener Abdulwahab Ashimi, extends his heartfelt thanks to each participant, speaker, moderator, and sponsor.

Your invaluable contributions have ignited a spark of knowledge and innovation that will continue to burn brightly in the new age of business. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey.